Using Retractable Blinds for Outdoor Living Spaces

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Retractable Outdoor Blinds

Designing the perfect outdoor living space involves more than simply choosing a style of furniture. When you’re battling the elements in Australia, you need to focus on functionality before anything else to ensure your final result is a space that you can use comfortably any day of the year. Retractable blinds in outdoor spaces are a versatile, functional and attractive …

5 Tips for Keeping Your House Cool in Summer

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Keeping House Cool In Summer

It’s no secret that the heat during a Melbourne summer can be relentless and intense. If you’re tired of the heat knocking you around, it’s easy to start implementing some simple features and methods around your home to keep it cooler. We’ve compiled these 5 straightforward tips for keeping your house cool in summer and all year round when needed. …

Window Coverings for Eco-Friendly Insulation

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Window coverings used as eco-friendly insulation.

We’ve all heard the terrifying statistics surrounding climate change and carbon emissions in recent years. Although the major contributors to these problems are large corporations, making minor changes around your home, such as installing insulating window coverings, can help minimise your carbon footprint and reduce your energy consumption. Small acts of consciousness can make a difference. Not only is insulating …

Light Blocking Curtains and Their Benefits for Sleep

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Light Blocking Curtains

Light blocking curtains can be one of the key factors in the ever-changing quest for optimum health, where the human need for sleep has never been questioned. This crucial part of our everyday functioning can be interrupted by a range of external factors, leading to us performing at a lower level through the day than we are capable of. When …

How To Clean All Types Of Window Blinds

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How To Clean All Types of Blinds

Blinds make a beautiful addition to the home decor. With so many different materials and textures to choose from, homeowners can achieve a customized look for every window and door. Your window treatments will make a unique and striking statement. Whether you have indoor or outdoor blinds, they will require cleaning from time to time. Tips on How To Clean …

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