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Looking for Australian made Basswood Shutters in Melbourne?

Most people look for wooden shutters as they look awesome in any house decor. The most preferred kind of wood for making interior wooden shutters is basswood. Basswood plantation shutters are strong yet light and have a grain which is uniform allowing a panache stain finish. We offer you premium quality basswood plantation shutters in Melbourne, enabling you to effectively control the amount of sunlight entering your home. Along with temperature control, it also adds to your decor a panache look that is irresistible.

Here at Alfresco Blinds, we specialise in installing royal-looking basswood shutters. We provide you with excellent quality basswood at the most reasonable price. Alfresco Blinds holds donkey’s years of experience in offering magnificent shutters and blinds in Melbourne to a countless number of homes. We have in store for you a vast range of awe-inspiring and stupendous basswood plantation shutters that will add priceless value to your home and workplace.

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Qualities of Basswood Shutters

basswood shutters
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Basswood doesn’t warp and that makes this type of shutter suitable for being next to the windows where they are exposed to the sun, cooler temperatures and moisture. Basswood is easy to work with as it glues well and can be easily made into the texture you wish by the process of sanding and staining. It also dries quickly without any distortion. Basswood is the most versatile kind of wood for making shutters.

basswood shutters melbourne

Benefits of Basswood Shutters

  • Basswood shutters add unimaginable value to your home.
  • They are available in various sizes, styles, shades and architraves.
  • These shutters are versatile and can fit easily in any size window, including odd shapes like hexagon, circle, arch, and bay windows.
  • Basswood plantation shutters suit all styles of homes, whether classic or contemporary.
  • It has low maintenance and is easy to clean. A simple wipe using a damp cloth is all that is needed.

Basswood has become one of the most extensively used materials for shutters in Melbourne and wooden blinds in the international market. Its resistance to warping, durability, easy workability and availability in a variety of finishes has made basswood shutters unbelievably popular.

The use of Basswood for musical instruments like guitars and piano reinforces its characteristics of being a stable and steadfast timber. Basswood’s quality of easy incorporation into many structures has made it widely useful in other industries and can be seen in furniture, deckings, and boats.

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