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We provide premium indoor blinds to meet all aesthetic and environmental needs. With a wide range of roller to venetian blinds we can meet all your requirements.

Save on Heating / Cooling Costs

Australia is a country of extremes. When the extreme cold or heat strikes your home, office or warehouse, you want to be sure you can provide a comfortable space for your loved ones, your staff and of course, yourself.

One of the biggest causes in buildings for cooling and heating loss or gain is unprotected windows. Windows can easily absorb the outdoor atmosphere, radiating heat or cold. Go touch a window on a extremely cold or hot day and see what we mean (particuarly if the sun is hitting the window). Of course when it is the peak of summer or dead of winter, the last thing you may want is your windows drawing in extra cold and heat. Plus, unprotected windows also allow heating and cooling to escape, creating a double whammy of heating and cooling problems.

Quality fitted blinds provide a fantastic feature to enhance the overall insulation of your building and reduce heating / cooling loss. A simple addition in one sense but very effective. During winter you can raise the blinds as need be to let in the warming sun and ejoy your view, then lower your blinds to stop the heat escaping during the night. Throughout summer you can close the blinds during the day to stop the heat coming in and cool air escaping, plus open the blinds during the evening to let the cool air through your house.

Our experienced team at Alfresco Blinds Co can help you identify windows in your building that would be a cause for heating and cooling problems. We offer a free onsite measure and quote plus a wide range of custom blind options to suit your needs.

Australian Made Quality

At Alfresco Blinds Co, we set ourselves a very high standard with the products we create and provide. All of our indoor blinds are made using materials of the very best quality. Our blinds are created right here in Melbourne VIC Australia with our highly skilled and trained team, ensuring your shading product suits your needs and are created to a high standard.

5 Year Warranty

We’re serious about providing quality indoor blinds and include a 5 year warranty to back it up, which bests the warranty offered by most name brands. The quality of our blinds rivals that of all the top name brands on the market. We really doubt you will have any problems with any of our blinds, though if you do, you can rest easy knowing that you have a 5 year warranty and our team are at the ready to help you.

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Looking to find indoor blinds to suit your new home? Perhaps it is time to update your office? Our expert team are at the ready to assist you finding your ideal blinds with a free onsite measure and quote at no obligation to you.

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