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Looking for Australian made Roller Blinds in Melbourne?

Looking to install indoor roller blinds that are not only practical but are on the very cutting edge of contemporary style? Discover quality matte and sheer blinds available in Melbourne from Alfresco Blinds Co.

Their relevance and modern styling doesn’t mean that they can’t be versatile, though. These products come in a wide range of textured fabrics, colours and designs – an excellent choice for absolutely any kind of interior in your home.

Choose From an Extensive Range of Roller Blinds

indoor roller blinds
Designer dual roller blinds with pelmets.

Whether you need 100% blockout from UV rays, heat and glare, a simple screen or a light filtering fabric, these blinds can be customised to provide any room in your house with just the right level of heat and natural light.

It’s easy to combine two of these products to create double roller blinds for added versatility, allowing you to change your window coverings throughout the day and night without swapping out your furnishings. This is also a great way to change the look of any interior in an instant!

holland roller blinds melbourne

Holland Blinds That Compliment Any Aesthetic

A favourite option for many homes and commercial premises in Melbourne, indoor roller blinds perfectly complement any modern or traditional aesthetic and can be fully customised to suit any size or shape window. Simply talk to our team about the options we have available.

We offer these roller blinds with either spring loaded or chain operated systems for convenient opening and closing – whichever suits you best. We can also offer motorised blinds operation solutions, with motors from trusted and reliable suppliers such as Somfy, Acmeda and Becker. This allows for convenient remote operation.

Benefits, Options and Features of Roller Blinds


  • Easy to use and operate and are great for your home windows or sliding doors where you need to open and close blinds regularly.
  • Use an easily controlled heavy duty chain system by Acmeda, making them easily adjustable and easy to clean.
  • Blinds are only as wide as your window, so they take up minimal space while allowing maximum view.
  • Easy care and maintenance – an occasional wipe with a damp cloth or light vacuum allows the blinds to look like new.
  • Our screen fabrics provide UV protection and privacy while still allowing you to see out.
  • Help to keep the warmth in during winter ,and keep the heat and shade out in summer.
  • If you require privacy then the full blockout blinds will ensure people cannot see in or alternately opt for a sunscreen roller blind to allow the view whilst creating privacy.
  • Roller blinds are an affordable, practical and versatile window covering solution which provide a classic and stylish look.
  • Can be designed to suit any home design – modern, contemporary or traditional.


  • Alfresco Blinds Co offers a large range of roller blinds to suit your requirements, we stock and supply all major leading retail brands which include, Wilsons, Shaw fabrics, Shann, Filigree, Four Seasons and Textiles.
  • Choose from our wide range of fabrics, trims and hardware options.
  • Roller blinds can be operated by either chain drive control system or motorisation either hardwired or battery operated using Acmeda lithium ion automate series.
  • Roller blinds can be operated by either chain drive control system or motorisation either hardwired or battery operated using Acmeda lithium ion automate series.


  • All Our Roller Blinds are custom made to the highest standards using all Australian componentry.
  • Light filtering and sunscreen fabrics offer a way to reduce the glare while still allowing a large amount of soft natural light into your room without blocking the view.
  • We use high quality materials from many brands which include aluminium roller tubes as standard, aluminium bottom rails which come in many different colours and either metal or plastic chain loops.
  • The exclusive use of Acmeda hardware, available in classic chain drive, linked brackets, dual and spring assist, demonstrates our commitment to quality.
  • Blockout Blinds employs innovative manufacturing techniques, such as ultrasonic cutting to prevent fraying, so your blinds remain looking good for longer and avoids in later complications with frays and ripple effect.
  • Made to comply with Australian Child Safety Laws.
  • Alfresco Blinds Co roller blinds are made locally in Australia.

Talk to our experienced and friendly team today & discuss your Roller Blinds requirements.