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Looking for Australian made Plantation Shutters in Melbourne?

Enjoy the breezy feel of California right here in Melbourne with beautifully designed indoor or outdoor plantation shutters from Alfresco Blinds Co. These quality manufactured blinds are stylish and functional, classic and contemporary all at once.

When selecting the style of your plantation shutters, our consultant will help you to decide the best alternative to suit your home and lifestyle, taking into account such things as:

  • What is the level of privacy required
  • Is there a view to maximise
  • What are the most ‘child-friendly’ alternatives
  • What fixing methods are available

Once a list of options is established, the choice is yours!

Plantation Shutters are typically installed as Hinged, Bifold or Sliding. We can also cater for feature windows such as arches and triangles, corner and bay windows, as well as room dividers, robe and pantry doors.

They can cater for most shaped windows so there are very little limitations in where they can go.

White plantation shutters.

window shutters

Painted or Stained Window Shutters

Plantation grown Basswood (Tilia Americana), has become one of the most widely used materials for window shutters in Melbourne and timber blinds in the global market. This is due to its resistance to warping, easy workability, durability and its acceptance of a variety of finishes.

Basswood, which is also used for musical instruments including guitars and piano soundboards, reinforces its properties as a stable and reliable timber.

At Alfresco Blinds Co we also offer a wide selection of basswood shutters available in various sizes, styles and shades.

Our Process for Painting Plantation Shutters

For the first coat, we use a timber sealer to protect against moisture. This is followed by two undercoats to protect against UV rays. We then finish with two thick coats of UV and moisture resistant top coats, giving the timber shutter a smooth, grainless finish that can withstand Australia’s harsh climate.

Choose from 15 different painted colours; if you want white plantation shutters or blinds you can select from a variety of shades to suit your requirements. We also offer a standard colour of Black.

Also available is the option to have your shutters custom painted using the Dulux Chart Colour Range. This enables you to match your shutters to your paint brand.

Also available as an extra is our exclusive Shutter Gloss Finish.

Alfresco Blinds Co also provides a Basswood Stain range which is produced from hand selected Basswood Timber.

Each stile and louvre is hand sanded and stained to ensure the natural timber grain is highlighted and shows the true beauty of the timber.

The range consists of 17 different stain colours to ensure that you can get a close match to the decor of your home. A custom stain colour is also available.

plantation timber shutters

PVC Shutters

Looking for Australian made PVC Shutters in Melbourne?

Are you interested in an exterior shutters makeover? Are your wood shutters showing signs of rot? Are you planning to revamp them? Every five or so years it seems like you have to pass through this cycle again and again of getting your shutters replaced and now you’re contemplating to do it again. Your worries have come to an end, my friend! We can easily solve this problem of yours by installing PVC shutters. They are a viable alternative with guaranteed no rotting and virtually maintenance-free.

Alfresco Blinds deals in exclusive PVC shutters in Melbourne. There is a small difference in pricing as compared to other shutters. However, the long-term payoff can be massive to you as a homeowner. PVC shutters require special installation which differs from traditional wood shutters. This is partly because of the thermal nature they possess. This material is presently being used in the industry for exterior trim uses and window boxes.

Benefits of PVC shutters

  • An Inviting Look: Our PVC shutters have a warm and inviting look, just like timber. In addition, the paint finish on the shutters doesn’t chip, crack or fade as rapidly as it would from timber. Also, it requires far less maintenance. You can patiently choose from a wide range of our modern shutters.
  • Protection from Sunlight: All shutters serve to help protect you from sunlight, but PVC is specially made to be able to resist ultraviolet rays. The shutters also protect your fabrics and walls inside from fading. In addition to this, our modern PVC shutters help to trap solar heat to keep your home insulated against the cold on freezing winter days.
  • Unbelievable Durability: guaranteed to last for years to come. They are highly resistant to oxidative reactions. This clearly means that your shutters will not rust over time, no matter how much and how long they are exposed to a moist environment. So go ahead and use our PVC shutters in the kitchen and bathroom, too!
  • Cost-Effective: PVC is a very commonly available synthetic material. It is cheap and is incredibly affordable without sacrificing style and performance.
  • Environment-friendly: PVC contributes very less to carbon emissions, from production to use to recycling. It uses very less natural resources to be manufactured, as it is 57 percent chlorine that is derived from salt. In addition to this, the thermal insulation properties of the shutters help you save energy costs on cooling and heating your home.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a buzz and take home high-quality PVC shutters at an affordable price!

Poplar Shutters Melbourne

Looking for Australian made Poplar Shutters in Melbourne?

In our experience, no shutter timber is more durable or stronger than Poplar Wood Shutters. It is a synonym for the word ‘heavy-duty’. Poplar is a subtle, elegant wood having an even grain that takes paint and stain finishes exquisitely. It is best across large spaces and can custom-fit practically any shape. Alfresco Blinds offers you an incredible range of Poplar Shutters in Melbourne.

Poplar wood shutters are perfect for wet areas. They don’t crack, peel or warp, meaning there is no problem installing them in bathrooms and over kitchen sinks. The range is constructed using full timber, sourced from either New Zealand or Germany. It’s a lightweight timber which delivers a straight and wide Louver, happily accepting the painting process.

Here at, Alfresco Blinds, we offer to you numerous installation methods like U-Channel, Hinged, Bi-Fold, and Sliding. Like the Basswood range, you can choose to have your poplar shutters come in any one of 15 different standard colours. Alternatively, you can choose a custom Dulux paint. Also available for you is our Exclusive Shutter Gloss Finish.

Poplar Shutters are a Gorgeous, Economical Option

  • Versatile: Poplar wood is a class of hardwood which is medium-to-soft in density. It is domestically harvested, majorly in the Eastern United States. Poplar shutters are of good value. The highly workable wood can be chiselled and shaped into a wide variety of appealing designs.
  • Customised finish: Poplar wood shutters finish marvellously. This type of wood can be effortlessly stained to copy very expensive woods such as mahogany. If you need a custom exterior shutter colour to complement your home paint, poplar is a great option. Poplar has excellent workability and staining properties which make your exterior shutter options countless.

Choose From an Extensive Range of Poplar Shutters

Our poplar shutters are crafted to withstand the external elements and to insulate your windows. Alfresco Blinds shutter experts can help you choose an exterior shutter style to suit your needs and protect you from the harsh Australian weather conditions.

Poplar shutters are an ideal choice for your home when durability and sun blocking comes into play. Poplar is suitable for outdoors placement. The wood is highly resistant to expanding and contracting in extreme temperatures. This is the reason why it has been a popular choice for shutters in Melbourne, where we have four seasons in a single day. Alfresco Blinds’ poplar shutters possess these desirable qualities. Along with this, it also gives your home a distinctly rustic feel.

Basswood Shutters Melbourne

Looking for Australian made Basswood Shutters in Melbourne?

Most people look for wooden shutters as they look awesome in any house decor. The most preferred kind of wood for making interior wooden shutters is basswood. Basswood plantation shutters are strong yet light and have a grain which is uniform allowing a panache stain finish. We offer you premium quality basswood plantation shutters in Melbourne, enabling you to effectively control the amount of sunlight entering your home. Along with temperature control, it also adds to your decor a panache look that is irresistible.

Here at Alfresco Blinds, we specialise in installing royal-looking basswood shutters. We provide you with excellent quality basswood at the most reasonable price. Alfresco Blinds holds donkey’s years of experience in offering magnificent shutters and blinds in Melbourne to a countless number of homes. We have in store for you a vast range of awe-inspiring and stupendous basswood plantation shutters that will add priceless value to your home and workplace.

basswood shutters

Qualities of Basswood Shutters

Basswood doesn’t warp and that makes this type of shutter suitable for being next to the windows where they are exposed to the sun, cooler temperatures and moisture. Basswood is easy to work with as it glues well and can be easily made into the texture you wish by the process of sanding and staining. It also dries quickly without any distortion. Basswood is the most versatile kind of wood for making shutters.

Benefits of Basswood Shutters

  • Basswood shutters add unimaginable value to your home.
  • They are available in various sizes, styles, shades and architraves.
  • These shutters are versatile and can fit easily in any size window, including odd shapes like hexagon, circle, arch, and bay windows.
  • Basswood plantation shutters suit all styles of homes, whether classic or contemporary.
  • It has low maintenance and is easy to clean. A simple wipe using a damp cloth is all that is needed.

Basswood has become one of the most extensively used materials for shutters in Melbourne and wooden blinds in the international market. Its resistance to warping, durability, easy workability and availability in a variety of finishes has made basswood shutters unbelievably popular.

The use of Basswood for musical instruments like guitars and piano reinforces its characteristics of being a stable and steadfast timber. Basswood’s quality of easy incorporation into many structures has made it widely useful in other industries and can be seen in furniture, deckings, and boats.

Basswood shutters in a Melbourne home.

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