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At Alfresco Blinds Co, we provide high quality blinds that can beautifully transform your indoor and outdoor living space. Shop from our range of indoor and outdoor blinds today! We are Melbourne’s leading supplier of both indoor and outdoor blinds, awnings and shutters, and our prices are highly competitive. We offer a free, no obligation onsite measure and quote with no strings attached, and our expert team will advise you on the best options available to you.

Indoor Blinds

Enjoy the added privacy and peace of mind with Alfresco Blinds Co’s indoor blinds selections. For the warmer seasons, indoor blinds are a convenient way to keep the harsh sunlight out, whereas in the colder months you can roll up your blinds for extra sunshine and warmth to your living space! Choose from our wide range of roller blinds, double roller blinds, Roman blinds, Venetians, Panel Glides, Sunscreen blinds and pelmets. If you want drapes, curtains and sheers for the interior of your Melbourne home, office or organisation, we’ve got you covered.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds give you the flexibility of allowing light into your home without compromising the view. You can adjust roller blinds at varying heights from the bottom up. At Alfresco Blinds Co, we offer a range of roller indoor blinds that include those that can block out light completely through to others that allow light to come in, even when the blinds are closed entirely.

Double Roller Blinds

If you’d like to have a nice outside view from inside your home without the harsh glare of the sunlight, Alfresco Blinds Co supply a range of Double Roller Blinds that can exactly meet your needs. You can choose from a range of blockout, light filtering, or screen double roller indoor blinds according to your lifestyle and home needs.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds give a welcoming touch to any indoor living space. As you roll up roman blinds, it creates a soft fold and unique aesthetic to your home. With a variety of fabrics and designs to choose from, roman blinds are a great addition for adjusting light and your level of privacy. While Roman blinds are neat and tidy, they’re also stylish. The beauty of these blinds is the way they can adjust light in any room while dressing your windows to perfection. Roman blinds are also good insulators – just lift the blind above the window so natural light isn’t compromised.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen roller blinds are great options when you want to block out the sun’s harsh rays, whilst also having access to the outside view. At Alfresco Blinds Co, you can shop our range of sunscreen roller blinds that perfect for enjoying the warmer weather outside, and in comfort.

Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds allow you to adjust the amount of light you need for your indoor living area by tilting the horizontal slats. This gives you the control of sunlight exposure without compromising your privacy. The timeless appeal of Venetian blinds means they will never go out of vogue. The broad range and variety of colours and finishes available give you scope to choose the style and shade that enhances the decor of any room.

Panel Glide Blinds

Panel glide indoor blinds are ideally used in front of large windows and can be drawn up to completely open up the outside view with the use of a wand. Panel glide blinds don’t have cords or chains attached, and rather boast a clean, minimal and modern look to your home.

Outdoor Blinds

Outdoor blinds are a great addition to improve the comfort and privacy of your outdoor living areas. Whether it’s for your backyard or patio, Alfresco Blinds Co offer a selection of high quality outdoor blinds that block out the rain, wind, insects, dust and harsh sunlight. Installing any of the following blinds can make your experience pleasant in any weather all year round. Our outdoor blinds are suitable for residential or commercial environments, with design options to suit specific needs and a broad range of conditions.

Ziptrak Blinds

Ziptrak Blinds are unique types of blinds that glide seamlessly at any height level. Experience more control over airflow, temperature levels, rain, and your outside view using Ziptrak blinds for your outdoor living area. Spend hours outdoors without the need for smelly insect sprays and repellents and keep disease-carrying mosquitoes and flies from bugging you and your guests. Ziptrak blinds have a track guiding system that’s easily operated and safe, with no pulleys, ropes or chains. The Ziptrak has a spring-balanced track system that allows the blind to glide up and down with ease or stop in any position.

Cafe Blinds

Café blinds are often thin, see-through or tinted blinds that are used to protect against dust, wind, and insects. At Alfresco Blinds Co, we have cafe blind designs fit for all types of outdoor areas. Outdoor café blinds are perfect for residential or commercial use and can change an outdoor area into an extra, functional space. They’re perfect for enclosing verandahs, patios, balconies and pergolas that protect you and your guests or customers from the elements. Air flow is maintained, and the resulting insulation means you can enjoy the outdoors in all kinds of weather, all year!

Motorised Outdoor Blinds

Motorised outdoor blinds are convenient and handy alternatives to regular manual blinds as you can adjust the position of your blinds using a remote control. For maximum comfort and easy usage, browse through Alfresco Blind Co’s selection of motorised outdoor blinds today. Imagine the beauty of a roller blind, with an near-silent operation at the touch of a finger. That’s what you get with our stylish and sophisticated motorised blinds. With no hanging cords or chains, a motorised blind system is one of the safest shade solutions available today.

PVC Cafe Blinds

PVC Café blinds are made from a light-weight plastic material that can be tinted or sheer. For your outdoor areas that need protection from wind, dust, and rain, we can help you supply and fit the best PVC Café blinds for your outdoor area.

Why Choose Alfresco Blinds?

At Alfresco Blinds Co we can easily meet all your blinds, shutters or awning requirements, and with our five-year warranty, you can be sure your product will stand the test of time. Our customer service is second to none because we base our recommendations on both your individual requirements and our expert knowledge. This means you always receive high quality advice without the hard-sell, whether you are a residential or commercial customer. We make sure we stay abreast of the latest industry trends and we stock a broad range of products to suit all requirements. Our prices are competitive, without forfeiting quality, and you will receive a guaranteed fast and effective solution, quick delivery and installation by our skilled and experienced fitters.

Talk to our experienced and friendly team today & discuss your indoor blinds, shutters, or curtain requirements.