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At Alfresco Blinds Co, our specialty is in Outdoor Blinds to suit any home or office space. We supply only the highest quality blinds that are weather resistant, keeping wind, rain, dust, and insects out whilst you enjoy maximum comfort and ease.

Outdoor Blinds Online

Shop our range of premium quality outdoor blinds in Melbourne today. Choose from a selection of Zipscreen, Ziptrak, Cafe Zipper, Motorised, Roller Crank, and PVC blinds to upgrade your outdoor area. Our expert staff are equipped with the best skills and knowledge to provide you with the perfect outdoor blinds for your home or office.

Outdoor Patio Blinds

Your outdoor patio or backyard is a place for you to unwind and relax with family, friends, and other guests. With Alfresco Blind Co’s selection of premium outdoor patio blinds, you can enjoy maximum comfort with added privacy. Our outdoor patio blinds range offer a myriad of benefits including secure control of airflow, wind, rain, dust, insects, and more.

Outdoor Blinds Cost

Prices for outdoor blinds typically range from a couple hundred dollars all the way to around a thousand dollars – but it all comes down to the type and material of the outdoor blind that you want. Alfresco Blinds Co offers outdoor blinds made from materials such as PVC, mesh, or other fabrics, all available in a range of sizes to suit your specific outdoor area. The best way to know how much you’ll need to install new outdoor blinds is to get in touch with the team at Alfresco Blinds Co – we’re always happy to assist no matter what type of query you have about outdoor blinds.

Outdoor Blinds for Sale

All our outdoor blinds for sale at Alfresco Blinds Co are made to give you all the benefits of security, privacy, as well as protection from harsh outdoor weather conditions. You can shop our extensive range of outdoor blinds online, though if you can’t find what you’re looking for, simply get in touch with our team and we can find a solution that’s right for your outdoor home or office area.

Transform your Living Area

Do annoying insects like flies or mosquitoes keep you from getting a barbecue up and going in your backyard? Are you worried about unexpected rain whenever you plan a feast to be held outside on your patio? Or maybe you find that the sun’s glare gets in the way of your relaxing book reading experience whenever you’re trying to unwind outside.

Whatever the reason may be, your outdoor area can always get a bigger and better upgrade that comes with so many benefits for you to enjoy. For a great outdoor dining and entertainment experience, outdoor blinds can keep out annoying pests and unwanted wind or rain, whilst keeping you and your visitors happy, comfortable, and dry. Zipscreen and Ziptrak blinds let you easily open and close up areas while maintaining a clear view of your backyard outdoor area. Mesh options are available to let a breeze in whenever you please, which can be found in our cafe bistro blinds. Outdoor blinds that are motorised offer a convenient way to adjust your blinds at the press of a remote.

Provide a Great Atmosphere for Your Customers

If you’ve ever had to sit in a restaurant, cafe or outdoor bar area directly under the sun or against the cold wind, you’d probably remember it being an unpleasant dining experience that would make you think twice before coming back again.

You shouldn’t have to lose customers over bad weather. With the proper and protective outdoor blinds set in place in your business, you can rest assured offer a comfortable dining experience – even in the pouring rain, strong winds, and hot summer days.

Our range of outdoor blinds at Alfresco Blinds Co can be installed at your premises to provide you with the protection and comfort to create the best atmosphere for your customers. For example, our Australian made PVC blinds give you the ability to easily and quickly shield customers from the cold wind while maintaining a lovely view of the outdoors. We also offer a range of custom shading options that block out direct sunlight and keep your customers cool and happy in the warmer seasons.

Summer in Australia can reach hot temperatures very fast, but it’s a no-brainer that Australians love enjoying the outdoors. By having outdoor blinds installed in your cafe, restaurant, or outdoor bar area, you can always provide a nice atmosphere for your customers to dine and enjoy.

Our expert team at Alfresco Blinds Co can help you enhance the outdoor area of your venue or building with quality outdoor blinds – made to last for years and keep all your customers happy.

5 Year Guarantee

At Alfresco Blinds, we have a 5 year guarantee on all our outdoor blinds. You can relax knowing that your blinds are of high quality, is Australian made (manufactured in Melbourne by our expert team), and backed by a strong warranty. Our 5 year guarantee includes the products themselves as well as the installation. Our extensive warranty exceeds that of those offered by many brands on the market today.

Free Onsite Measure and Quote

Wondering how much your new blinds will cost? Not sure what size you will need to suit your outdoor area? Don’t worry, we offer a free onsite measure and quote with no obligations or catches. Our team of experts at Alfresco Blinds Co can come and visit your Melbourne home or office premises to advise you on the best options available. We’ll come in and measure the outdoor area where you want your new blinds to be installed, and then provide you with a competitively-priced quote.

To start, get in touch with us now by sending your enquiry or call us on 1300 735 077.

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